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Shadow of a dead star by Michael Shean

Shadow of a Dead Star - Michael Shean

“Shadow of a dead star” is the first book in the “Wonderland cycle” series and it had me gripped on the first page.

Set in a Cyberpunk future Seattle 2078- Michael Shean’s classic noir style of writing and flowing descriptions bring that dystopian world alive vividly. The author holds nothing back in his Chandler-esque thiller/mystery. It is a stark as it is desolate.

Thomas Walden is an agent of the Industrial Security Bureau and witnesses first hand the horrors of what can be done if the price is right. He stumbles upon something he shouldn’t have seen and now the tables are turned and the hunter becomes the hunted.

The world of Thomas Walden’s is bleak and immoral. Everything has it’s price and human life is devalued to such an extent that it is nothing more than a biological software interface.

It truly is a frightening vision of the future where technology has evolved and humanity has de-evolved into a kind of savagery. It is a decrepit world where the only thing that shines is the gadgetry.

GeneFexCorp is the evil behind the curtain pulling the strings, and everyone in this nightmarishly perverse world are the puppets. Walken finds out the intriguing truth in a stellar ending that you just couldn’t see coming.

Michael Shean created a future noir epic that would make Philip K. Dick and William Gibson proud. “Shadow of a dead star” is Cyberpunk Sci-fi at its best. It is a fast paced, non-stop thriller that is a must read in that genre. I can not wait to read the next book in the series: “Redeye”, just to see what happens next. I highly recommend.

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Adam's boys by Anna Clifton

Adam's Boys by Anna Clifton

"Wrong girl — wrong time? Adam’s fling with Abbie just weeks after the death of his wife may have been all wrong, but their time together gave him the strength to return home to his newborn son, Pete, and start their new life together.

Wrong guy — wrong time? Abbie's fling with Adam may have been all wrong, but their time together gave her Henry, the sunshine in her life, and although Adam is long gone, Abbie can never regret the time they spent together.

But two wrongs don't necessarily make a right. Adam Cooper is back, and when he learns the truth about his unknown son, he is hell-bent on creating a home and family for his boys, even if it means blackmailing Abbie into taking part.

Abbie has scars from her own tumultuous childhood, and losing Henry would destroy her. But with only mistrust and pain to bind them, can she and Adam ever find a way through regret to love and the family they could be"


“Adam's Boys” is an emotionally charged roller coaster ride. What stood out for me, was that this book was so well written, I could empathize with all the characters situations without every having to be in that position myself. This was the first book in a long time that I can remember crying while reading.

There is a lot packed into this short novel and it is a powerhouse of feelings and drama. Besides that, this book is about is about family and redemption. It leaves you with a heart warming feeling of hope and that everything happens exactly how it should.

Do not be fooled by the books length- this is no lightweight novel. If you enjoy heartfelt stories in the vein of Debbie Macomber and Jan Karon, then this book should be at the top of your “to read” list.

“Adam's boys” delivers everything it promises and pulling on your heart strings is 100% guaranteed.

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